ADB.Miner worm spreads rapidly

Another crypto-miner is on the loose. The new strain of malware dubbed “ADB.Miner” is spreading rapidly across Android devices with objective to infect and mine Monero cryptocurrency. 

The ADB.Miner malware has similar capabilities to worms, but this one uses port 5555 (used as ADB debug interface which is usually closed) to propagate to other Android-based devices such as phones, tablets and smart TVs, ZDNet reports.

According to cybersecurity researchers from 360Netlab who discovered the malware, the miner also has Mirai code within its scanning module. The team also added that the worm is implemented/propagated through droidbot, a mining .apk based on Coinhive mining software.

360Netlab observed the first infections started on January 31, but in just 24 hours rapidly increased to 5,000 devices located mainly in South Korea and China. 

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