Securezoo LLC is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and was founded in 2011 by information security professionals that are passionate to make a difference in information security.  Our mission at Securezoo is to simplify and enhance information security by providing trusted security guidance, products, and information to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and security professionals. 

Launched in 2012, has been designed to help improve SMB information security programs and security awareness to reduce risk.  These are the same security principals that can benefit security professionals and enterprises that do business with SMBs and third-parties as well.   

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Security Topic Overview & Guidelines

Securezoo provides a high level overview and security guidelines for each security topic. Our security guidance is written in easy to understand language and is based on industry best practices and years of practical experience learned by our Securezoo staff.  You don’t have to be a 20 year security veteran to understand security topics on the Securezoo website.

Security Standards:

For each security topic, Securezoo provides relevant standards for more detailed guidance and security controls provided by industry standards organizations and security experts.  Standards include National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), PCI Security Standards, and International Standardization Organization (ISO) to name a few.  No need to search the World Wide Web to find information on standards on dozens of sites.  Everything is located in one site, Securezoo!


Securezoo offers customizable information security policies for use within your organization of any size.  Policies are the rules that your employees, contractors and third-parties must follow to protect your brand and most prized assets.  We offer the ability to download policy content to update and publish policies on your own systems.  We keep policies updated to keep up with industry trends and evolving threats.  No longer will you need to worry about the high costs of developing and maintaining policies within your organization!

Security News:

Find news articles from a variety of world class news sites.  Securezoo provides a central website to easily search news events relevant to security topics that you are interested in.  Locate news articles that may be applicable to your organization, to improve security awareness or to help provide justification for the next security initiative in your organization.

Security White Papers:

Sometimes organizations may need to review more detailed security guidance on a particular security topic.  Securezoo offers links to leading information security white papers on topics such as cloud security, access control, risk management, encryption and much more.  Leverage content from leading security experts to help your next major security initiative or improve your security knowledge and awareness.

Security Awareness Programs:

Securezoo offers information on upcoming security events, seminars and training programs offered by many of the leading information security training organizations, such as SANS.  In addition, you will be able to easily find and purchase books or training videos to increase your security awareness and knowledge.

Security Tools ("Securezoo Advantage"):

Starting in late September 2014, Securezoo launched its first security tool: the Small Business Security Assessment. Part of our "Securezoo Advantage" suite of small business services, the free assessment consists of a short security questionnaire to help you evaluate security controls in your small business. Securezoo will provide instant results and security guidance you may use to help secure your small business or startup.

Security Professional Services:

If you need assistance in evaluating your information security controls or just need security guidance on your next security project, contact our Securezoo security consultants and online services.  Our professional staff provides security consulting services or we can match you up with security professionals in your area to help you meet your security goals. 

Contact Securezoo now if you would like to learn more about how Securezoo can help you meet your security goals.

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