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Single single-sign-on SNAFU threatens three Cisco products
Overview: "Cisco has announced a suite of patches against a bug in its Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) implementation," The Register reports. 
Author: Richard Chirgwin   Web Site:   Date: 4/23/2018
Topics: Patch Management, Vulnerability Management

SunTrust warns ex-employee may have shared info on 1.5 million clients
Overview: "SunTrust Banks said on Friday a former employee may have attempted to download some information on nearly 1.5 million clients and share it with a criminal third-party," CNBC reports. 
Author: Reuters   Web Site:   Date: 4/20/2018
Topics: Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Excel pivot table data leak leads to £120,000 fine for London council
Overview: "London’s Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea has been fined £120,000 (approximately US $170,000) by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after it unlawfully identified 943 people who owned vacant properties in the borough," Tripwire reports. 
Author: Graham Cluley   Web Site:   Date: 4/19/2018
Topics: Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data firm leaks 48 million user profiles it scraped from Facebook, LinkedIn, others
Overview: "A little-known data firm was able to build 48 million personal profiles, combining data from sites and social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Zillow, among others -- without the users' knowledge or consent," ZDNet reports. 
Author: Zack Whittaker   Web Site:   Date: 4/18/2018
Topics: Data Privacy

Millions of Apps Leak Private User Data Via Leaky Ad SDKs
Overview: "Millions of apps leak personal identifiable information such as name, age, income and possibly even phone numbers and email addresses. At fault are app developers who do not protect ad-targeting data transmitted to third-party advertisers," Threatpost reports. 
Author: Tom Spring   Web Site:   Date: 4/18/2018
Topics: Application Security, Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Researchers develop algorithm to detect fake users on social networks
Overview: "Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and University of Washington researchers have developed a new generic method to detect fake accounts on most types of social networks, including Facebook and Twitter," Help Net Security reports. 
Author: Zeljka Zorz   Web Site:   Date: 4/17/2018
Topics: Access Control

The world’s most popular YouTube video has been hacked
Overview: "Hackers have managed to deface an array of popular YouTube music videos, changing titles and thumbnail images," WeLiveSecurity reports. 
Author: Graham Cluley   Web Site:   Date: 4/10/2018
Topics: Application Security, General Security Awareness

Impact Of Chat Service Breach Expands To Best Buy, Kmart
Overview: "The number of companies coming forward as victims of a data breach – that potentially exposed hundreds of thousands of credit card payment information – has expanded to include Best Buy and Kmart," Threatpost reports. 
Author: Lindsey O'Donnell   Web Site:   Date: 4/9/2018
Topics: General Security Awareness, Third-party Security

Mirai Variant Targets Financial Sector With IoT DDoS Attacks
Overview: "A variant of the Mirai botnet was used to launch a series of distributed denial of service campaigns against financial sector businesses. The attacks utilized at least 13,000 hijacked IoT devices generating traffic volumes up to 30 Gbps, considerably less intense than the original Mirai assaults clocked at 620 Gbps," Threatpost reports. 
Author: Tom Spring   Web Site:   Date: 4/6/2018
Topics: Malicious Software Controls, Network Security

Microsoft patches patch for Meltdown bug patch: Windows 7, Server 2008 rushed an emergency fix
Overview: "Microsoft today issued an emergency security update to correct a security update it issued earlier this month to correct a security update it issued in January and February," The Register reports. 
Author: Shaun Nichols   Web Site:   Date: 3/29/2018
Topics: Patch Management

Facebook loses control of 50 million users’ data, suspends analytics firm
Overview: Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics company "has been collecting Facebook user data without permission through 'a scam and a fraud,' Facebook said on Friday." The report was released by Naked Security.
Author: Lisa Vaas   Web Site:   Date: 3/19/2018
Topics: Data Privacy

Former Equifax exec charged with insider trading after data breach
Overview: "Jun Ying, a former Equifax executive, has been hit with criminal charges as well as SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) charges for insider trading relating to his sales of Equifax stocks in advance of the company’s announcement regarding the May 2017 data breach," Help Net Security reports. 
Author: Zeljka Zorz   Web Site:   Date: 3/15/2018
Topics: General Security Awareness

Hackers continue to exploit hijacked MailChimp accounts in cybercrime campaigns
Overview: "MailChimp, a service that millions of people around the world use to send out email newsletters, is being abused by hackers to spam out malware," Hot for Security reports. 
Author: Graham Cluley   Web Site:   Date: 3/15/2018
Topics: Electronic Messaging Security, Social Engineering (e.g., phishing)

Google announces new security features, partnerships for Chrome Enterprise
Overview: "Google on Thursday is announcing new security features and partnerships for Chrome Enterprise that, Google says, will help ensure Chrome Enterprise is 'the most secure endpoint solution for businesses in the cloud'," ZDNet reports. 
Author: Stephanie Condon   Web Site:   Date: 3/15/2018
Topics: General Security Awareness

Bitcoin stealing malware distributed on for nearly a year
Overview: "Bitcoin stealing malware that swaps user accounts with that of the attacker was found to be hosted on servers for nearly a year," SC Magazine reports. 
Author: Robert Abel   Web Site:   Date: 3/14/2018
Topics: Malicious Software Controls

AMD Investigating Reports of 13 Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Ryzen, EPYC Chips
Overview: "Researchers on Tuesday said they found several critical security vulnerabilities in various AMD chips, allegedly opening them up to attackers who want to steal sensitive data and install malware on AMD servers, workstations and laptops," Threatpost reports. 
Author: Lindsey O'Donnell   Web Site:   Date: 3/13/2018
Topics: Vulnerability Management

OceanLotus ships new backdoor using old tricks
Overview: "ESET researchers have dissected some of the latest additions to the malicious toolkit of the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group known as OceanLotus, also dubbed APT32 and APT-C-00...A prolific purveyor of malware, OceanLotus has its sights set on high-profile corporate and government targets in Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, and Cambodia. The apparently well-resourced and determined group, often assumed to be Vietnamese, is known for integrating its custom-built creations with techniques long known to be successful," WeLiveSecurity reports.
Author: TOMÁŠ FOLTÝN   Web Site:   Date: 3/13/2018
Topics: Malicious Software Controls

Researchers find critical flaws in SecurEnvoy SecurMail, patch now!
Overview: "If you’re a user of SecurEnvoy SecurMail and you haven’t yet implemented the latest patch, do so now – or risk getting your encrypted emails read by attackers," Help Net Security reports. 
Author: Zeljka Zorz   Web Site:   Date: 3/13/2018
Topics: Patch Management, Vulnerability Management

CCleaner Attackers Intended To Deploy Keylogger In Third Stage
Overview: "As investigations continue into a backdoor that was planted in the CCleaner utility in 2017, Avast said it has found that the threat actors behind the attack were planning to install a third round of ShadowPad malware on compromised computers," Threatpost reports
Author: Lindsey O'Donnell   Web Site:   Date: 3/12/2018
Topics: Malicious Software Controls

Warning as Mac malware exploits climb 270%
Overview: "Reputable anti-malware security vendor Malwarebytes is warning Mac users that malware attacks against the platform climbed 270 percent last year," Computerworld reports. 
Author: Jonny Evans   Web Site:   Date: 3/12/2018
Topics: Malicious Software Controls

MuddyWater APT campaign flowing again
Overview: "The MuddyWater campaign appears to be rising to the surface again with researchers finding similarities between this older cyberespionage attack and a new one targeting Turkey, Pakistan and Tajikistan," SC Magazine reports. 
Author: Doug Olenick   Web Site:   Date: 3/12/2018
Topics: General Security Awareness

Auto manufacturers are asleep at the wheel when it comes to security
Overview: "Cars are getting smarter every year but their increasing computational power isn’t being backed up by good IT security practices – hacking them is child’s play," The Register reports. 
Author: Iain Thomson   Web Site:   Date: 3/10/2018
Topics: General Security Awareness

General Services Administration (GSA) Pointing to New IT Security Rules for Contractors
Overview: "On January 12, 2018, GSA (General Services Administration) posted a request for public comment regarding updates to the General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation that will include new cybersecurity compliance and reporting requirements for federal contractors that access data on unclassified systems," Tripwire reports. 
Author: Steven Tipton   Web Site:   Date: 3/5/2018
Topics: Legal, Regulatory and Compliance, Third-party Security

SEC pursues dozens of companies in cryptocurrency ICO crackdown
Overview: "The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued "dozens" of subpoenas and information requests from companies seeking to jump on the cryptocurrency craze through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)," ZDNet reports. 
Author: Charlie Osborne   Web Site:   Date: 3/2/2018
Topics: Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

Another Ransomware Variant Strikes Colorado DOT Days after Initial Attack
Overview: "Colorado’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) has suffered an infection from another variant of the same ransomware family that attacked it just days earlier," Tripwire reports. 
Author: David Bisson   Web Site:   Date: 3/2/2018
Topics: Malicious Software Controls