Policy Name
Physical Access Policy

The objective of Physical Access Security is to detect, prevent and deter unauthorized access to facilities.

  • Access to facilities must be restricted to authorized individuals (e.g. security or reception desk, ID badge/card readers, key code locks, fingerprint biometric devices).
  • Duress alarms must be installed to detect unauthorized access to facilities
  • Emergency exits must be alarmed 24/7.
  • Intruder detection or recording mechanisms must be installed to detect unauthorized access to facilities and to support investigations or forensics.
  • There must be a security guard staff or service utilized to respond to unauthorized access to facilities.
  • There must be a mechanism to log individuals identity, time of arrival and departure.
  • There must be a process to log and identify visitors during visit (e.g. badges, log book, escort by employees).
  • Roof access points must be secured.

The following benefits will be achieved:
  • Ensure authorized access to facilities and prevent or deter intruders from access to facilities
  • Ensure appropriate mechanisms in place to detect and respond to unauthorized access to facilities

All employees, contractors, agents and third-parties

Consequeces for Noncompliance
Noncompliance to this policy can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or contract.

Physical Access Security