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Password Management System

Passwords are intended to not be shared and should be carefully controlled by Password Management Systems to prevent unauthorized access to senstive information. Password Management systems can include a number of mechanisms to include Active Directory (or LDAP) systems, Password Vaults and Identity and Access Control solutions to name a few. The primary objective is to control password usage and enforce the organization's password policy and to ensure authorized user or system authentication to resources (to include systems, applications, databases, or data).

Password management systems should be configured to enforce the organization's password policy and secure usage of accounts. Password management systems should also be segregated from data and other systems and should be carefully monitored for unauthorized access or changes.

Roles should also be established to ensure segregation of duties. For example, security or access management role used to manage Password Management system (used to setup ID's and passwords used for access to systems or applications) should be segregated from roles used for system administration or data access. For devices that need to authenticate to Windows-based Active Directory (AD), most account and password settings can be configured via an AD Domain and Group Policy. AD or equivalent LDAP solution is the most efficient Password Management System to configure and enforce password quality across a large number of devices to meet the organization's policy. For example, users would be notified by the system when passwords need to change or if a password change does not meet the password policy.

Password Management systems should also ensure passwords are securely stored and encrypted. Passwords should use strong encryption algorithim to include minimum of SHA2 family hash algorithm to ensure confidentiality, integrity and proof of origin. System accounts (such as "Root" or "Administrator") should not be shared, carefully monitored and restricted to prevent interactive logins to sensitive systems. If such accounts need to be used, Password Management (or "Vault") systems should be used to ensure account usage will be limited and authorized by system owners and to provide audit trail for account usage.
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