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Biometric Devices

Biometric devices are used to improve physical access controls to identify users, to include fingerprint scanner, hand geometry, retina patterns or facial recognition devices. Biometric devices are also are more resistant to couterfeiting.

Biometric devices are most commonly used to improve security for physical access, to include fingerprint scanning and hand geometry to enforce access to more secure or sensitive areas (e.g. mantrap to enter server room or data center).

Although biometric devices do improve security and may be most effective for controlling physical access to sensitive facilities (such as data centers), organizations should also consider impact to acceptability to users, reliability and accuracy. For instance, organizational costs will inevitably increase due to increased time for enrollment and management of biometric infrastructure.  Furthermore, biometric devices will increase the time it takes users to present a second form if identification, especially when devices inevitably fail to accurately authenticate a user's fingerprint or hand geometry. See Topic Access Control for additional guidelines.

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