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Data privacy addresses the confidentiality of customer or entity data that is processed in a system or application.  There are numerous international, country or state regulations in place to ensure customer privacy is protected.  Organizations may face potential legal and liability concerns if data privacy requirements are not adhered to.  Data privacy should also be an ethical concern.

Data privacy should include procedures and a documented privacy policy that describes how the organization will protect the privacy of registered customers or users of the website or business services.

Data privacy safeguards should include, but not limited to:
  • Description of the data types collected (e.g., name, address, e-mail, etc.).  Ensure only the minimum amount of data is collected and no more to meet business requirements.
  • Justification for collecting the data (e.g., for mailing lists, fulfill customer orders)
  • Links to other sites: ensure users are aware of other sites' privacy policies and data protections and need to understand linked sites are not under control of your organization
  • Data protection mechanisms: ensure appropriate encryption controls in place for customer or personal data that is stored or in transit
  • Cookies: ensure usage of cookies are in adherence to applicable laws and regulations and are not used to gather sensitive personal information. Typical usage of cookies include performance monitoring or website usage statistics to help enhance the customer experience and website.  Customers should also be given the option to decline cookies (sometimes known as "do not track" setting in client browser), if preferred.
  • Sharing of information: full disclosure should be made in writing to customers on how (or if) customer data is to be shared with third parties.  Customers should be given the option to decline the sharing of their personal information and should also be documented in the privacy policy.

It is imperative that organizations are committed to data privacy and to implement the appropriate security procedures and policies as part of their overall security program.

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Scottish Ambulance Service Exposed Employees’ Data Onlinewww.tripwire.com10/15/2018
Equifax fined £500,000 over customer data breachwww.zdnet.com9/20/2018
Hackers help themselves to data belonging to 2 million T-Mobile customerswww.zdnet.com8/27/2018
Facebook announces “Clear History” privacy toolwww.helpnetsecurity.com5/2/2018
Data firm leaks 48 million user profiles it scraped from Facebook, LinkedIn, otherswww.zdnet.com4/18/2018
Facebook loses control of 50 million users’ data, suspends analytics firmnakedsecurity.sophos.com3/19/2018
German court says Facebook use of personal data is illegalwww.helpnetsecurity.com2/13/2018
Smart-toymaker VTech fined over charges of violating child privacy lawnakedsecurity.sophos.com1/10/2018
FBI says it can't unlock 8,000 encrypted devices, demands backdoors for America's 'public safety'
Windows 10 Users to Get Improved Privacy Controlswww.securityweek.com9/18/2017
Researchers block ISPs from spying through your smart deviceswww.zdnet.com8/29/2017
Disney slammed with class-action complaint for unlawfully exfiltrating kids' personal datawww.grahamcluley.com8/8/2017
Roomba is no spy: CEO says iRobot will never sell your datawww.zdnet.com7/28/2017
US Border Patrol isn’t allowed to search travelers’ data stored in the cloudwww.helpnetsecurity.com7/17/2017
Credit Card Breach at Buckle Storeskrebsonsecurity.com6/17/2017
Facebook staff had their identities exposed to suspected terrorists due to security lapsewww.grahamcluley.com6/16/2017
Distributor caught selling Apple customers’ datanakedsecurity.sophos.com6/13/2017
Hundreds of Apps Can Listen for Marketing ‘Beacons’ You Can’t Hearwww.wired.com5/2/2017
NSA to stop collecting some internet communicationswww.cnbc.com4/28/2017
Trump signs law allowing ISPs to sell your browsing historywww.zdnet.com4/4/2017
Privacy activist wants to unveil lawmakers' browser historieswww.computerworld.com3/31/2017
Microsoft's is sharing dangerously sensitive personal files and informationwww.pcworld.com3/27/2017
Blockchain can help secure medical devices, improve patient privacywww.networkworld.com3/24/2017
Google plans purge of Play Store apps without privacy policieswww.zdnet.com2/9/2017
InterContinental Confirms Breach at 12 Hotelskrebsonsecurity.com2/6/2017
German consumer groups sue WhatsApp over privacy policy changeswww.computerworld.com1/30/2017
Privacy worries are on the rise, new poll of U.S. consumers showswww.computerworld.com1/30/2017
Meitu, a Viral Anime Makeover App, Has Major Privacy Red Flagswww.wired.com1/19/2017
Hacker says he can get phone numbers on Facebook which are not supposed to be publicwww.computerworld.com1/16/2017
FBI says it can't unlock 8,000 encrypted devices, demands backdoors for America's 'public safety'
News in brief: Amazon asked for Echo data; Facebook in new fake news row; airline systems ‘insecure’nakedsecurity.sophos.com12/28/2016
Encryption backdoors are against US national interest, say lawmakerswww.zdnet.com12/22/2016
Tech companies like Privacy Shield but worry about legal challengeswww.computerworld.com12/21/2016
Evernote users threaten to quit over new privacy policy – but have already agreed to staff reading their noteswww.tripwire.com12/15/2016
Uber Now Tracks Users’ Location Data After a Trip Endswww.tripwire.com12/2/2016
Security bods find Android phoning home. Home being
WhatsApp Blasted by EU Data Protection Group Over Facebook Sharingthreatpost.com10/31/2016
Lost thumb drives bedevil U.S. banking agencywww.computerworld.com10/29/2016
FCC rules that ISPs need consent before selling your data, but Google and Facebook still don'twww.computerworld.com10/28/2016
The FBI wants to get Into the locked iPhone of another dead terroristwww.wired.com10/6/2016
Russian internet giant hacked, leaking 98 million accountswww.zdnet.com9/5/2016
Apple claims giving Australian banks negotiation rights will undermine customer securitywww.zdnet.com8/30/2016
Snowden Designs a Device to Warn if Your iPhone’s Radios Are Snitchingwww.wired.com7/21/2016
Windows 10 personal data collection is excessive, French privacy watchdog warnswww.computerworld.com7/20/2016
Big Privacy Ruling Says Feds Can’t Grab Data Abroad With a Warrantwww.wired.com7/14/2016
Update Your Pokémon Go App Now to Fix That Privacy Messwww.wired.com7/12/2016
U.S. court rules that FBI can hack into a computer without a warrantwww.computerworld.com6/24/2016
65M Tumblr account records are up for sale on the underground marketwww.computerworld.com5/31/2016
Runkeeper: A fitness app or a tracking app?www.helpnetsecurity.com5/16/2016
Info on 93 million Mexican voters found on an Amazon cloud serverwww.helpnetsecurity.com4/25/2016
Microsoft broadens test of Windows 10's Enterprise Data Protection featurewww.zdnet.com4/12/2016
FBI to help U.S. agencies unlock encrypted deviceswww.computerworld.com4/3/2016
The Feds Are Prepping Strict Rules to Protect Your Online Privacywww.wired.com3/14/2016
WhatsApp Encryption Said to Stymie Wiretap Orderwww.cnbc.com3/12/2016
Apple and FBI Take Their iPhone Hacking Fight to Congresswww.wired.com3/1/2016
Tim Cook defends Apple's refusal to help the FBI in new interviewwww.networkworld.com2/26/2016
Facebook given 3 months to stop tracking non-users in Francenakedsecurity.sophos.com2/10/2016
Privacy Shield is here, now orgs., lawmakers must take actionwww.scmagazine.com2/4/2016
Database Containing 191 Million US Voters’ Personal Data Leaked Onlinewww.tripwire.com12/28/2015
Tim Cook says there isn't a trade-off between security and privacywww.computerworld.com12/21/2015
Congress Slips CISA Into a Budget Bill That’s Sure to Passwww.wired.com12/18/2015
Safe Harbor ruled invalidwww.scmagazine.com11/2/2015
Tor Just Launched the Easiest App Yet for Anonymous, Encrypted IMwww.wired.com10/29/2015
Check your Facebook settings to make sure your posts aren't searchablenakedsecurity.sophos.com10/23/2015
Pirate sites ban Windows 10 over privacy worriesnakedsecurity.sophos.com8/25/2015
Windows 10 shares user data with Microsoft, even after disabling settingswww.scmagazine.com8/14/2015
NSA can resume bulk collection of Americans' phone records, says courtwww.zdnet.com6/30/2015
Amazon turns up spectacularly late to 'transparency' party, pours a large
Google's new privacy settings page aims to gives users more controlwww.computerworld.com6/1/2015
Survey Finds Americans Don’t Trust Government and Companies to Protect Privacybits.blogs.nytimes.com5/20/2015
NSA metadata collection is illegal, rules US courtnakedsecurity.sophos.com5/8/2015
Court’s Reversal Leaves Phones Open to Warrantless Trackingwww.wired.com5/5/2015
Facebook suggests more privacy tips for keeping user accounts securewww.zdnet.com4/3/2015
Yahoo executive and NSA chief clash over online data privacywww.cnbc.com2/24/2015 sends personal data to Twitter, Yahoo and Googlewww.computerworld.com1/20/2015
Barack Obama calls for stricter data privacy, disclosure lawsnakedsecurity.sophos.com1/13/2015
And now for some good news... Facebook sets up hidden service in privacy pushwww.zdnet.com12/1/2014
UN moves to strengthen digital privacywww.zdnet.com11/26/2014
Critical NSA Reform Bill Fails in the Senatewww.wired.com11/18/2014
Pro-Privacy Senator Wyden on Fighting the NSA From Inside the Systemwww.wired.com10/23/2014
Mobile Device Encryption Could Lead to a ‘Very, Very Dark Place’, FBI Director Says:threatpost.com10/16/2014
Privacy Questions Emerge for the Social App Whisperbits.blogs.nytimes.com10/16/2014
The Criminal Indictment That Could Finally Hit Spyware Makers Hardwww.wired.com10/1/2014
Europe's watchdogs give Google a shopping list of how to sort out privacywww.zdnet.com9/25/2014
Google and Apple Won’t Unlock Your Phone, But a Court Can Make You Do Itwww.wired.com9/22/2014
Apple updates privacy policy, moves to reassure userswww.computerworld.com9/18/2014
Feds Threatened to Fine Yahoo $250K Daily for Not Complying With PRISMwww.wired.com9/11/2014
Microsoft refuses to hand over foreign data, held in contempt of courtwww.zdnet.com9/10/2014
Visit the Wrong Website, and the FBI Could End Up in Your Computerwww.wired.com8/5/2014
Privacy groups call for Facebook to halt off site user tracking planswww.computerworld.com7/29/2014
Bing follows Google by offering 'right to be forgotten' formnakedsecurity.sophos.com7/18/2014
Data Breaches in New York Hit Record High in 2013, State Attorney General Saysbits.blogs.nytimes.com7/15/2014
Not So Fast on the Use of Google Glass in Britainbits.blogs.nytimes.com6/27/2014
New Ruling Shows the NSA Can’t Legally Justify Its Phone Spying Anymorewww.wired.com6/13/2014
Facebook to let advertisers see where you're surfingnakedsecurity.sophos.com6/13/2014
Several Governments Have Backdoor Access to Phone Networks, Says Vodafonewww.wired.com6/6/2014
NSA Reform Bill Passes the House—With a Gaping Loopholewww.wired.com5/22/2014
People have the right to be e-forgotten, EU court rules against Googlenakedsecurity.sophos.com5/14/2014
New Movement Aims to ‘Reset the Net’ Against Mass Surveillancewww.wired.com5/6/2014
Follow Wired Twitter Facebook RSS Feds Beg Supreme Court to Let Them Search Phones Without a Warrantwww.wired.com4/23/2014
The Feds Cut a Deal With In-Flight Wi-Fi Providers, and Privacy Groups Are Worriedwww.wired.com4/9/2014
Google Takes Wi-Fi Snooping Scandal to the Supreme Courtwww.wired.com4/1/2014
NSA searched U.S. calls, emails without warrant, U.S. intelligence chief admitswww.zdnet.com4/1/2014
Angry Birds Shares Your Data Far and Widesecuritywatch.pcmag.com3/27/2014
The Data Brokers: Selling your personal informationwww.cbsnews.com3/12/2014
Google Glass blamed for melee in SF barnews.cnet.com2/25/2014
Judges Poised to Hand U.S. Spies the Keys to the Internetwww.wired.com2/3/2014
Judge Enforces Spy Orders Despite Ruling Them Unconstitutionalwww.wired.com1/23/2014
Obama Orders NSA Reforms, But Metadata Collection to Continuethreatpost.com1/17/2014
Europe MPs: Time to change our data-sharing policy with US
Judge Rules NSA Bulk Telephone Metadata Spying is Lawfulwww.wired.com12/27/2013
Snowden's Christmas message: Privacy countsnews.cnet.com12/25/2013
Snowden: 'I am still working for the NSA ... to improve it'
Obama Concedes NSA Spying May Need ‘Refining’www.wired.com12/20/2013
NSA leaks mean Germans no longer trust their own government's online serviceswww.zdnet.com12/18/2013
Privacy advocates blast AT&T's alleged sale of info to CIAnews.cnet.com12/11/2013
iSPY: Apple Stores switch on iBeacon phone sniff spy
NSA Wrongly Says Warrantless Mobile-Phone Location Tracking Is Legalwww.wired.com12/6/2013
Schmidt: Censorship could vanish within a decadenews.cnet.com11/21/2013
Senators criticize NSA snooping as unnecessary to US securitynews.cnet.com11/20/2013
Moving From Do Not Track to Can Not Trackthreatpost.com11/20/2013
NSA Transparency Hurts Americans’ Privacy, Feds Say With Straight Facewww.wired.com11/13/2013
Tech Giants Plead for Surveillance Reformsthreatpost.com11/1/2013
Apple, Google, Microsoft unite against NSA spying programnews.cnet.com10/31/2013
Does violate their own privacy policy?www.zdnet.com10/31/2013
Legislation Unveiled to Bar NSA’s Bulk Phone Metadata Collectionwww.wired.com10/29/2013
Brazil seeks to secure own emails amid US spy allegationswww.zdnet.com10/14/2013
Deutsche Telekom to foreign secret services: 'Eyes off our internet!'www.zdnet.com10/14/2013
Microsoft reportedly wants to replace the cookienews.cnet.com10/10/2013
Party advertised on Facebook leads to 600 gatecrashers and one very trashed homenakedsecurity.sophos.com10/7/2013
How a Purse Snatching Led to the Legal Justification for NSA Domestic Spyingwww.wired.com10/2/2013
French could serve up fines to Google for privacy violationnews.cnet.com9/27/2013
The NSA's hiring - and they want a CIVIL LIBERTIES
LinkedIn denies hacking into users' emailnakedsecurity.sophos.com9/24/2013
LinkedIn users sue over service's "hacking" of contacts and spammy waysnakedsecurity.sophos.com9/20/2013
iPhone fingerprint scanner sparks privacy worriesnews.cnet.com9/17/2013
Indian spooks snooping without ISP
Questions About Crypto Security Follow Latest NSA Revelationsthreatpost.com9/9/2013
New claims NSA can access data on iOS, Android, BlackBerrywww.zdnet.com9/9/2013
NSA Revelations Cast Doubt on the Entire Tech Industrywww.wired.com9/7/2013
Government to Release Hundreds of Documents Related to NSA Surveillancethreatpost.com9/5/2013
California Abruptly Drops Plan to Implant RFID Chips in Driver’s Licenseswww.wired.com9/3/2013
NSA seeks 'groundbreaking' spying powers, new leak revealsnews.cnet.com8/29/2013
School district hires company to follow kids' Facebook, Twitternews.cnet.com8/27/2013
Matt Damon: Edward Snowden did a great thingnews.cnet.com8/26/2013
5 tips to make your Facebook account safernakedsecurity.sophos.com8/22/2013
NSA's data reach greater than first thought, says reportwww.zdnet.com8/21/2013
Why we should still be worried about what Google said regarding Gmail privacynakedsecurity.sophos.com8/19/2013
NSA coughs to 1000s of unlawful acts of snooping on US soil since
Deutsche Telekom and United Internet launch 'made in Germany' email in response to PRISMwww.zdnet.com8/12/2013
Obama talks surveillance with Apple, AT&T chiefsnews.cnet.com8/9/2013
Surveillance scandal rips through hacker communitynews.cnet.com8/6/2013
Didn't Make it to Black Hat? Watch NSA Director General Keith Alexander's Keynote Speechsecuritywatch.pcmag.com8/3/2013
Newly exposed NSA tool, XKeyscore, sees 'nearly everything we do online'nakedsecurity.sophos.com8/1/2013
Court: No warrant needed to search cell phone recordsnews.cnet.com7/31/2013
Apple, Google, others want to disclose more details on data snoopingnews.cnet.com7/19/2013
Tech groups ask U.S. for transparency in secret data requestswww.computerworld.com7/18/2013
IRS Exposes SSNs in Database of Public Tax Filingsthreatpost.com7/11/2013
France has its own PRISM system: Reportwww.zdnet.com7/5/2013
Google ordered to change its privacy policy in the UKwww.computerworld.com7/5/2013
U.S. senators demand that NSA disclose extent of spy programwww.computerworld.com7/1/2013
Latest NSA leak details PRISM's bigger picturewww.zdnet.com6/30/2013
Firm: Facebook 'bug' worse than reported; non-users also affectedwww.zdnet.com6/26/2013
NSA "cracked" UN teleconferencing system - how safe is yours?nakedsecurity.sophos.com6/26/2013
Facebook bug exposed contact info of 6M usersnews.cnet.com6/21/2013
New NSA Leak Sheds Light on Encrypted Data Retentionthreatpost.com6/21/2013
France gives Google three month DATA PRIVACY
Yahoo discloses user data requests from US law enforcement agencieswww.computerworld.com6/18/2013
Obama: NSA spying doesn't mean 'abandoning freedom'news.cnet.com6/17/2013
Apple received thousands of personal data requests from U.S.www.computerworld.com6/17/2013
Ex-CIA techie Edward Snowden: I am the NSA PRISM
Ask a hacker: Top four anti-surveillance appswww.zdnet.com6/8/2013
Be careful of where your big data ends up: ServCorpwww.zdnet.com5/30/2013
Decryption disclosure doesn't violate Fifth Amendment, judge rules in child porn casewww.computerworld.com5/30/2013
Congress asks Google if and how it's protecting privacy with Glassnakedsecurity.sophos.com5/20/2013
State social media privacy laws a mixed bag for businesseswww.computerworld.com5/15/2013
Telstra apologetic after old customer data leaks onlinewww.zdnet.com5/15/2013
FTC sends warning letters to 10 data brokerswww.computerworld.com5/7/2013
House Intelligence Committee OKs amended version of controversial CISPAwww.scmagazine.com4/10/2013
Six European privacy regulators launch investigations of Google's privacy policywww.computerworld.com4/2/2013
California Considers Pushing Data Disclosure Envelope Againthreatpost.com4/2/2013
Privacy 101: Skype Leaks Your Locationkrebsonsecurity.com3/21/2013
Spy agencies to be granted access to US citizen financeswww.zdnet.com3/14/2013
Google offers data on FBI's national-security-related requests for user identitiesnews.cnet.com3/5/2013
Firefox to spit out third-party
Google Play privacy SNAFU sends app buyers' details to
FUD flies as Raytheon reveals social media analysis
FTC Endorses New Privacy Guidelines, Do Not Track for Mobile Apps, Devicesthreatpost.com2/4/2013
App developers, stores should update privacy policies, FTC sayswww.computerworld.com2/1/2013
Privacy at risk as Path app lets location data slipnews.cnet.com2/1/2013
A docket, tweet and selfie can reveal your identity, boffins
EFF, others to Microsoft: Who's requesting our Skype data?www.zdnet.com1/24/2013
Public genome databases can leak
What Google's Transparency Report doesn't tell uswww.computerworld.com1/24/2013
Exposure of files on unsecured wireless no excuse to search, judge ruleswww.computerworld.com1/23/2013
Congressman touts draft bill aimed at mobile app privacynews.cnet.com1/17/2013
Think tank presses Blue Coat over censorship concernswww.computerworld.com1/16/2013
California AG issues first-in-U.S. mobile app privacy guidelinesnews.cnet.com1/10/2013
New laws keep employers out of worker social media accountswww.computerworld.com1/4/2013
Drones, phones and other 2012 privacy threatswww.computerworld.com12/28/2012
Senate Approves Warrantless Electronic Spy Powerswww.wired.com12/28/2012
From Internet Uprisings to John McAfee: The Year in Privacy and Securitywww.wired.com12/27/2012
Feds Requiring ‘Black Boxes’ in All Motor Vehicleswww.wired.com12/26/2012
Apple shifts iTunes to HTTPS, sidesteps China’s
Instagram takes a hit, but users may be too addicted to quitwww.computerworld.com12/21/2012
Internet Safe From Globalized Censorship as UN Treaty Failswww.wired.com12/14/2012
Facebook Streamlines Privacy Controls in Latest Updatethreatpost.com12/12/2012
Delta Air Lines publishes privacy policy, but reseacher finds a faultwww.computerworld.com12/9/2012
California sues Delta Airlines for lack of mobile app privacy policywww.computerworld.com12/6/2012
Advocates: Free market doesn't work for online privacywww.computerworld.com12/6/2012
FTC bars advertising firm from sniffing browser historieswww.computerworld.com12/5/2012
Facebook users overwhelmingly oppose privacy policy changewww.computerworld.com12/4/2012
Clueless officials hamper cybersecurity law-makingwww.zdnet.com11/30/2012
Analysts debate effect of Facebook's policy changes on userswww.computerworld.com11/28/2012 blats small privacy bug, ignores GAPING
ICO: Anonymised data doesn't HAVE to guarantee your
Facebook changes its Data Use Policy and scraps user votingwww.infosecurity-magazine.com11/23/2012
If security wants your password: Privacy for travelers with digital deviceswww.zdnet.com11/20/2012
Adequate Attack Data and Threat Information Sharing No Longer a Luxurythreatpost.com11/15/2012
Yes, the FBI and CIA can read your email. Here's howwww.zdnet.com11/13/2012
Congressional inquiry responses released: Data brokers refuse to name sourceswww.zdnet.com11/12/2012
ID Theft Service Tied to Payday Loan Siteskrebsonsecurity.com9/17/2012
FTC Dings Google $22.5M in Safari Cookie Flapwww.wired.com8/9/2012
Google ordered to destroy Oz Street View
Court Grants Feds Warrantless Access to Utility Recordswww.wired.com8/8/2012
Netflix punters told of privacy change, get 3 months to
Former NSA Official Disputes Claims by NSA Chiefwww.wired.com7/29/2012
California Starts Up a Privacy Enforcement Unitwww.wired.com7/19/2012
FDA investigates how confidential files went publicwww.nextgov.com7/16/2012
Mobile-Phone Surveillance by Police Targets Millions Annuallywww.wired.com7/9/2012
Twitter Ordered to Cough Up Occupy User Datawww.wired.com7/2/2012
FTC sues Wyndham hotels over data breachesnews.cnet.com6/26/2012
EU regulators side with Microsoft in IE10's 'Do Not Track' controversywww.computerworld.com6/25/2012
Apple's iOS 6 to add privacy controls for user contactsnews.cnet.com6/14/2012
F-Secure chief warns Siri is 'unsafe for business'www.zdnet.com6/14/2012
IE 10's ‘Do-Not-Track’ Default Dies Quick Deathwww.wired.com6/6/2012
Congress Looking Happy to Reauthorize Broad, Secret Spying Powerswww.wired.com5/31/2012
Trojan poses as privacy tool, spies on Iranian
Invasion of privacywww.irishexaminer.com5/24/2012
Pot Prosecution Goes Up in Smoke Due to Warrantless GPS Trackingwww.wired.com5/23/2012
New York Legislation Would Ban Anonymous Online Speechwww.wired.com5/22/2012
High Court to Hear Warrantless Eavesdropping Challengewww.wired.com5/21/2012
White House unveils 'Privacy Bill of Rights'www.nextgov.com2/23/2012
Google Busted With Hand in Safari-Browser Cookie Jarwww.wired.com2/17/2012
Lawmakers ask Apple to explain iPhone app privacy policiesnews.cnet.com2/15/2012
FBI says social media monitoring won't infringe privacy rightswww.computerworld.com2/14/2012
Supreme Court: GPS tracking needs court warrantwww.computerworld.com1/23/2012
Judge Orders Defendant to Decrypt Laptopwww.wired.com1/23/2012
Reid Calls Off Protect IP Act Votewww.wired.com1/20/2012
Membership Reward Service Aimed at College Savers Settles FTC Charges That Its 'TurboSaver Toolbar' Feature Deceptively Collected Consumers' Personal Informationftc.gov1/5/2012
No Warrant Needed for GPS Monitoring, Judge Ruleswww.wired.com1/3/2012
Boston D.A. Subpoenas Twitter Over Occupy Boston, Anonymouswww.wired.com12/30/2011
Surveillance Law Upheld While Lawsuit Allowed to Proceedwww.businessweek.com12/30/2011
Massive fines planned in European data breach crackdownwww.zdnet.com12/5/2011
Question Marks On Breach Liabilitywww.darkreading.com11/23/2011
Google will ignore your Wi-Fi router ... if you rename
Facebook settlement will make all future privacy changes "opt-in"arstechnica.com11/1/2011
RIM Facility Helps India Monitor Messages, Emailwww.pcmag.com10/31/2011
Aging ‘Privacy’ Law Leaves Cloud E-Mail Open to Copswww.wired.com10/21/2011
Accused LulzSec hacker pleads not guilty in Sony breachwww.reuters.com10/17/2011
Verizon users must 'opt in' for
Judge OKs warrantless tracking of suspect's
Social Security kept silent about private data breachseattletimes.nwsource.com10/13/2011
Calif. Governor Veto Allows Warrantless Cellphone Searcheswww.wired.com10/10/2011
GPS Inventor Urges Supreme Court to Reject Warrantless Trackingwww.wired.com10/4/2011
Facebook fixes ID cookie
Lawmakers want investigation of supercookieswww.computerworld.com9/27/2011
France's derisory online piracy
White Papers
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