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Information Security Standards

Information security standards are more detailed security requirements and guidelines that will help organizations meet information security policies.

To make policies more effective, the security organization should document and implement standards that also leverage industry best practices (e.g. NIST or PCI).  Standards and accompanying procedures document in more detail how information security policies must be met.  Examples include hardening standards for Windows/UNIX system platforms or standards for vulnerability identification and remediation, to name a few.  Standards should include detailed settings that can be measured periodically to show effectiveness of controls.

Industry best practice guidelines, such as NIST, DISA-STIG or Microsoft hardening guides, should be used to create a baseline of security settings on systems.  The baseline would be used to deploy security settings consistently across multiple systems and also measure deviations to the standard proactively.  Standards should be created for other platforms, to include mobile devices, application security, and others to help the organization meet the organization's security policies.

Please see Securezoo's "Standards" site that includes detailed standards that include ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA and more.  Many of these standards have been developed by subject matter experts in each field, to include feedback from government and private sectors.  These standards also rely on lessons learned by other organizations and best practices obtained through years of practical experience.

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