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Electronic Messaging Security

Information pertaining to Electronic Messaging should be protected.  Forms of electronic messaging include, but not limited to e-mail, instant messaging, and social networking forums.

General guidelines and considerations should include the following controls as needed for proper security of electronic messages (or "messages") to include:
  • Messages should be protected from unauthorized modification.  Methods of controls include encryption of sensitive information contained in messages (e.g., TLS or AES256 encryption); see topic "Encryption" for more details.
  • Messages are protected from unauthorized access
  • Ensure messages are transported to the correct address or destination
  • Ensure availability of the service (e.g. redundant e-mail servers, mail relays, etc.)
  • Messaging must meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure individuals use approved messaging solutions for conducting company business
  • Appropriate approval prior to using external public services (e.g. social networking, file sharing, or instant messaging)
  • Strong authentication (e.g. two-factor tokens) controlling access from remote locations or public accessible networks.

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10,000 Indian government and military emails
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Taliban official's email blunder leaks 400+
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FIPS 186-4 Digital Signature Standard (DSS)FIPS7/23/2013
NIST SP 800-177 Revision 1, Trustworthy EmailNIST9/7/2016