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Key Management

Key Management is the practice of protecting cryptographic keys from unauthorized modification or disclosure. Key management consists of the infrastructure, software, storage and tools used to securely manage cryptographic keys through it's entire lifecycle.

Key management tools and cryptographic keys should be carefully controlled and secured. Given the importance of encryption to protect sensitive information, it goes without saying that the key management systems, tools and the cryptographic keys are very critical to secure. Key Management Procedures should be documented to include the following controls:
  • Secure storage (ensuring keys are secure through their entire lifecycle)
  • Owners/custodians - Secure handling (most sensitive data classification)
  • Retirement/destruction (keys have a limited life so must be disposed of to prevent unauthorized use)
  • Recovery (keys are properly recovered if lost)
  • Change (process to change keys if needed)
  • Generation (process to securely generate new keys)
  • Frequency (higher frequency of key use may mean higher likelihood of compromise)

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Key Management Policy
NIST SP 800-56A r2 Recommendation for Pair-Wise Key-Establishment Schemes Using Discrete Logarithm CryptographyNIST6/12/2013
NIST Recommendation for Key Management - Part 1: General (Revision 4)NIST1/28/2016
NIST Recommendation for Key Management: Part 2: Best Practices for Key Management OrganizationNIST8/1/2005
NIST Recommendation for Key Management: Part 3 Application-Specific Key Management GuidanceNIST1/23/2015
NIST SP 800-130 A Framework for Designing Cryptographic Key Management SystemsNIST8/16/2013
NIST Recommendation for Cryptographic Key GenerationNIST11/16/2012
NIST SP 800-152 A Profile for U.S. Federal Cryptographic Key Management SystemsNIST10/31/2015