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Database security is the practice of implementing security controls to protect databases, to include database systems and applications used to store, process or access data.  Databases often store the most sensitive information in the organization so should be part of defense-in-depth security program to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data.

Database assets should first be identified to include data ownership and data classification.  Once assets are identified and prioritized for data protection, the following database system controls should be implemented:
  • Database system hardening: database systems should be securely configured to a documented standard; changes to configurations should also be monitored to ensure compliance.
  • Database system access: users to include administrators should use a unique ID to access system of databases; access to systems and system resources should also be based on role; accounts should also be centrally managed via an identity management system where feasible; systems should also be accessed through secure channels (e.g. SSH or password management vault).
  • Vulnerability and patch management: vulnerabilities should be remediated based on risk and established Service Level Agreements (SLA's); like systems, databases should also be patched consistently and timely.
  • Logging and Monitoring: database system security logs should be collected through a centralized logging mechanism and NTP should be used to ensure consistency of log correlation; Logs must also be monitored for threats and Privileged accounts should be monitored for potential compromise or misuse; Logs should be secured and saved according to compliance and policy requirements; Sensitive data is scrubbed from logs prior to storage.
  • Change Management: database system changes should be documented and approved, unauthorized configuration or system changes are logged and monitored.
  • Data encryption: sensitive data should be encrypted in transit, backups or archives.  Sensitive data should also be masked/removed in non-production. 
  • High availability: there must be a robust backup and recovery of critical databases. A Disaster Recovery (DR) processes should also be in place and periodically tested.

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