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Information Security Program

An Information Security Program oversees the establishment and maintenance of information security policies, standards, and initiatives. In order to meet business objectives, the Security Program will establish security roles and provide oversight to security activities across the organization to meet regulations, reduce risk to threats and enforce policies. The Program should also be approved by management, published and communicated appropriately.

An Information Security Program should first start with a management or security framework for industry best practices for information security.  For example, ISO/IEC 27001 can be a good international standard that includes a broad range of security requirements and security best practices to include: HR Security,  Physical and Environmental Security, Access Control, Communications and Operations Management, and Information Security Incident Management to name a few.  Even smaller organizations can leverage standards to help achieve their security goals.  See "ISO 27001" topic for more information.

The Information Security Program should then establish the organization's security policies, standards and procedures and ensure security roles are established for the execution and oversight of the organization's security activities. Examples of security program roles include:
  • Chief Information Security Officer ("CISO") - role or organization responsible for policy management, security program oversight and governance, audit coordination, and regulatory compliance
  • Security Operations - responsible for incident management and response to policy violations
  • Vulnerability Management - the process to detect, analyze and remediate vulnerabilities in order to mitigate information security threats
  • Compliance - responsible for compliance reporting and remediation of deviations to standards (e.g. patching, Windows/UNIX/Network platform standards)
  • Identity and Access Management - responsible for access control process for access to systems and business applications
  • Security Architecture and Engineering - responsible for driving strategy, architecture and security technology direction to meet security and business objectives.
  • Security Engineering - responsible for implementation and maintenance of security technology to meet security and business requirements
  • Others (larger enterprises): Fraud Detection, Computer Forensics, etc.
Organizations may use different models on how security groups are structured within the organization. In some cases, organizations may choose a "centralized" model whereby a central security organization (e.g. "CISO") provides oversight for policy creation and also the other security groups and most security initiatives. This could allow for a more consistent approach in the implementation and oversight of security standards and procedures to meet policies. Alternatively, some organizations, to include smaller businesses, may choose to integrate security responsibilities and roles throughout the technology and business teams.  Although there still needs to be an organization (or role) responsible for security oversight, the latter approach could allow for more accountability and buy-in from the various technology and business teams.

Securezoo also recommends organizations use a central repository or system to manage the security policies, standards and controls. For example, Securezoo can be used by smaller organizations to host your policies to save in development and maintenance costs.  For larger enterprises, a Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) system can be used by the organization as a "single source of truth" for the organization's security policies and requirements. A GRC platform can also enable organizations to report on the organization's risk posture, compliance and audit status more holistically. See GRC topic for more information.

Finally, the Information Security Program should establish and prioritize security initiatives based on input from audit findings, compliance activities, new threats, regulation changes and business objectives. The security activities should be carefully coordinated across the business units and technology teams to prevent duplication of work and ensure priorities are in line with overall business objectives and to protect the most sensitive assets using a risk-based approach.

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Information Security Program
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