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Security Awareness and Training

Information Security Awareness is the process of training or making individuals aware of and understand security best practices as well as the organization's policies, standards and procedures. The main objective is to increase security awareness in order protect the organization's information from unauthorized disclosure.

Security Awareness program should start with published policies that employees, contractors and third parties must follow to meet the organization's business objectives and information protection. Awareness Training should then be made available to personnel, performed annually and recorded for historical audit trail and for accountability.

The training can be conducted in a variety of ways to include online web format, in-person training, e-mail newsletters, or communication of new policies to name a few. The most cost effective would be web-based training that includes content from each of the organization's policy areas (e.g. Data Classification and Protection, Acceptable Use, etc.). Each section should also have at least one or two questions that pertain to the policy or subject. Each employee would need to answer questions to test their understanding of the material and final results would be graded and recorded for audit purposes. Some organizations may wish to have employees re-take the training if a minimum test score is not achieved to ensure understanding of the organization's policies and procedures.

Live training may be most effective for new employee hires or for more specialized security or technical training. Awareness training can be incorporated into broader new-hire training to include HR, Compliance or other rules new hires should be aware of when first joining the organization.

More technical training is recommended for technical personnel or security professionals that manage information systems. Examples can include Windows/UNIX system security training/certifications, Identity and Access Management, Secure Application Development, or CISSP/GIAC.  Organizations such as SANS can be leveraged for training courses that may include single day to a full week of instructor-led training.

Security Awareness program should also include periodic e-mail communication to personnel of new policies, standards or procedures so they are aware of changes to security requirements and objectives. Newsletters or announcements of new threats that may impact the organization may also be effective and timely so that employees will be better prepared (e.g. an announcement from the CISO or CIO of a new pfishing threat targeting employees to download malware).

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