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Network Security

Network security ensures that the network and connections between systems and network devices are used to support business purposes.  Network security consists of network access control, monitoring, segregation, vulnerability management and secure device configuration and connectivity, to name a few.

Network Security should consist of, but not limited to, the following components:
  • Network Segregation: Critical networks should be segregated and controlled based on data classification or critical business services.  Segregation can be achieved by separating systems, applications, and networks into groups of services or "domains" (e.g. Development, Internal/Production, Customer/Internet-facing, Perimeter/DMZ or User zones)
  • Network Access Control: NAC consists of a network and host-based agent solution used to allow authorized devices onto the network based on a predefined set of rules that each device or endpoint must have (e.g. machine certificate, NAC agent, Anti-virus, current patches). Unauthorized devices would be denied access to the network.
  • Network Device (and System) Secure Configurations: Configuration Management standards for platforms (e.g. UNIX/Windows systems, network devices) should be documented and maintained to ensure systems are configured securely and consistently to protect sensitive information.  Monitoring can be used to detect instances of insecure configurations (e.g. running Telnet).
  • Network and Security Monitoring: The process of continuously assessing and maintaining the effectiveness of security controls and the security posture of the organization. Monitoring includes automated real-time monitoring or audit logging of technical controls as well as manual reviews of management or operational controls.
  • Malicious Software Controls: Malicious software controls are critical to protect malicious software (or malware) from being installed on systems and to protect sensitive data. For example, host-based anti-virus agents as well as network proxy or gateway (anti-malware) devices used to scan incoming e-mail for malware or internet traffic.
  • Vulnerability Management: Vulnerability Management is the process to detect, analyze and remediate vulnerabilities on systems, devices, networks and applications in an ongoing manner. Vulnerability Management also includes the process to assess the risk of vulnerabilities and prioritize mitigation to reduce the likelihood of potential threats.
  • Remote Access: Requirements to ensure that teleworking devices on wired or wireless networks, as well as the home office, are properly secured. Examples of controls recommended for teleworking devices include: updated anti-virus software, updated software security patches, login password protection, two-factor authentication, paper shredders and secure wireless networking.

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Network Security
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Mirai DNS Water Torture finance sector attack dominated Q1: Akamaiwww.zdnet.com5/17/2017
ASUS Patches RT Router Vulnerabilitiesthreatpost.com5/11/2017
Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers full of flaws, but temporary fix is availablewww.helpnetsecurity.com4/20/2017
Melbourne IT confirms DDoS attack behind DNS outagewww.zdnet.com4/13/2017
Cisco Releases Security Updates (mobility and wireless products)
Strange Mirai botnet brew blamed for powerful application layer
Vulnerability Disclosed in Ubquiti Networks Admin Interfacewww.computerworld.com3/17/2017
Fileless PowerShell malware uses DNS as covert channelwww.computerworld.com3/3/2017
D-Link Patches Serious Flaws in DGS-1510 Switcheswww.securityweek.com2/24/2017
Mirai Widens Distribution with New Trojan that Scans More Portsblog.trendmicro.com2/13/2017
How IoT hackers turned a university's network against itselfwww.zdnet.com2/10/2017
F5's Big-IP leaks little chunks of memory, even SSL session
Hard-to-detect fileless attacks target banks, other organizationswww.computerworld.com2/8/2017
GitLab database goes out after spam attackwww.infoworld.com2/1/2017
Easy-to-exploit authentication bypass flaw puts Netgear routers at riskwww.computerworld.com1/31/2017
Lloyds Bank Suffered Massive DDoS Cyber Attack Lasting Two Dayswww.tripwire.com1/23/2017
DARPA developing secure data sharing wireless technologywww.networkworld.com1/11/2017
Netgear starts patching routers affected by a critical flawwww.computerworld.com12/13/2016
Critical flaw opens Netgear routers to hijackingwww.helpnetsecurity.com12/12/2016
New Large-Scale DDoS Attacks Follow Schedulethreatpost.com12/5/2016
IBM warns of rising VoIP cyber-attackswww.networkworld.com11/30/2016
Mirai botnet attack hits thousands of home routers, throwing users offlinewww.zdnet.com11/29/2016
Irish eyes are crying: Tens of thousands of broadband modems wide open to
DoS technique lets a single laptop take down an enterprise firewallwww.networkworld.com11/14/2016
An IoT Nightmare! Attackers Can Spoof Smart Webcam that Leaks Passwordswww.tripwire.com11/3/2016
Researchers expose Mirai vuln that could be used to hack back against
Zero-day DDoS attack vector leverages LDAP to amplify malicious trafficwww.scmagazine.com10/26/2016
Script Kiddies Likely Behind Dyn DDoS Attackswww.securityweek.com10/26/2016
DDoS attack on Dyn came from 100,000 infected deviceswww.computerworld.com10/26/2016
Chinese firm admits its hacked products were behind Friday's DDOS attackwww.computerworld.com10/24/2016
Are Mirai DDoS attacks a wake-up call for IoT industry?www.scmagazine.com10/24/2016
Mirai-Fueled IoT Botnet Behind DDoS Attacks on DNS Providersthreatpost.com10/22/2016
DDoS attack Friday hits Twitter, Reddit, Spotify and otherswww.scmagazine.com10/21/2016
Compromised Routers Used for Variety of Badnesswww.securityweek.com10/17/2016
Popular Bitcoin site hit by DNS attack, loses control of own websitenakedsecurity.sophos.com10/13/2016
Record IoT DDoS attacks raise bar for defenderswww.networkworld.com10/12/2016
Cisco Releases Security
Source Code Released for Mirai DDoS Malwarethreatpost.com10/3/2016
IoT botnet highlights the dangers of default passwordswww.computerworld.com10/3/2016
152k cameras in 990Gbps record-breaking dual
Google pulls Krebs on Security out of the abysswww.zdnet.com9/26/2016
Thousands of Cisco devices still at risk of unpatched NSA zero-day flawswww.zdnet.com9/26/2016
More than 840,000 Cisco devices are vulnerable to NSA-related exploitwww.computerworld.com9/21/2016
Cisco discloses PIX firewall, IOS software security holeswww.networkworld.com9/19/2016
Network Management Systems are a 'treasure map' for
Cisco SOHO switches patched for SOHOpeless
Attackers deploy rogue proxies on computers to hijack HTTPS trafficwww.networkworld.com8/30/2016
Cisco starts publishing fixes for EXTRABACON exploitwww.helpnetsecurity.com8/29/2016
Juniper confirms leaked NSA exploits affect its firewallswww.zdnet.com8/23/2016
Many hospitals transmit your health records unencryptedwww.computerworld.com8/22/2016
Unsecured DNSSEC Easily Weaponized, Researchers Warnthreatpost.com8/18/2016
Cisco Confirms Two Exploits Found in Shadow Brokers’ Data Dumpwww.tripwire.com8/18/2016
BlackHat2016: badWPAD – The Doubtful Legacy of the WPAD Protocolblog.trendmicro.com8/4/2016
Pokémon Go down, target of DDoS attackwww.computerworld.com7/18/2016
Cisco Releases Security Updates (for router and conferencing server software)
25,000-strong CCTV botnet used for crippling DDoS attackswww.helpnetsecurity.com6/28/2016
D-Link Patches Weak Crypto in mydlink Devicesthreatpost.com6/14/2016
DNS provider NS1 hit with multi-faceted DDoS attackswww.helpnetsecurity.com5/26/2016
Aruba fixes networking device flawswww.computerworld.com5/9/2016
Cisco Releases Critical Security Updateswww.securityweek.com4/8/2016
Over 135 million modems vulnerable to denial-of-service flawwww.zdnet.com4/8/2016
Your Linux-based home router could succumb to a new Telnet worm, Remaitenwww.computerworld.com3/31/2016
Dell open sources DCEPT, a honeypot tool for detecting network intrusionswww.helpnetsecurity.com3/8/2016
Cisco Fixes Another Default, Static Password Flawthreatpost.com3/3/2016
DDoS, Web Attacks Surge; Repeat Attacks Become The Normwww.akamai.com2/29/2016
Anti-ISIS Hackers Tested DDoS Tool on BBC's Websiteswww.securityweek.com1/5/2016
Juniper firewalls compromised by bad code: What you need to knowwww.networkworld.com12/18/2015
DDoS attacks increase in number, endanger small organizationswww.networkworld.com12/8/2015
Fewer IPsec VPN Connections at Risk from Weak Diffie-Hellmanthreatpost.com10/28/2015
Akamai Warns Of 3 New Reflection DDoS Attack Vectorswww.akamai.com10/28/2015
DDoS botnet comprised of nearly a thousand CCTV cameraswww.scmagazine.com10/26/2015
Thousands of Zhone SOHO routers can be easily
Mobile Ad Networks Leveraged in Large DDoS Attack, Reports CloudFlarewww.tripwire.com9/28/2015
Malware implants on Cisco routers revealed to be more widespreadwww.computerworld.com9/21/2015
Akamai warns of increased activity from DDoS extortion groupwww.scmagazine.com9/10/2015
Cisco applies plaster to email, Web security
CERT warns DSL router users of vulnerabilitywww.scmagazine.com8/28/2015
BIND9 – Denial of Service Exploit in the Wildblog.sucuri.net8/2/2015
Cisco Releases Security
Remote denial of service vulnerability exposes BIND serverswww.zdnet.com7/30/2015
Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi With Contactskrebsonsecurity.com7/29/2015
Researchers Hack Air-Gapped Computer With Simple Cell Phonewww.wired.com7/27/2015
DDoS Attack Against Telegram’s Asian Pacific Server Enters Fourth Daywww.tripwire.com7/13/2015
Cisco Patches IPv6 Vulnerability in Carrier-Grade Router Systemthreatpost.com6/12/2015
Mass vulnerabilities exposed in enterprise D-Link devices, home routerswww.zdnet.com6/1/2015
Large-scale attack uses browsers to hijack routerswww.computerworld.com5/25/2015
Long list of devices believed to be affected by NetUSB vulnerabilitywww.scmagazine.com5/19/2015
Akamai Releases Q1 2015 State of the Internet – Security Reportwww.akamai.com5/19/2015
Home routers co-opted into self-sustaining DDoS
Unpatched Router Vulnerability Could Lead to Code Executionthreatpost.com4/30/2015
A Javascript-based DDoS Attack as seen by Safe Browsinggoogleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com4/24/2015
Wi-Fi client vulnerability could expose Android, Linux, BSD, other systems to attackswww.computerworld.com4/23/2015
Feds Warn Airlines to Look Out for Passengers Hacking Jetswww.wired.com4/21/2015
Troubleshooting feature on Cisco routers is open to data-slurp
DDoS Attack on GitHub Linked to Earlier One Against GreatFire.orgthreatpost.com3/31/2015
GitHub recovering from massive DDoS attackswww.computerworld.com3/29/2015
Hotel Internet Gateways Patched Against Remote Exploitthreatpost.com3/26/2015
Akamai Releases Fourth Quarter 2014 'State of the Internet' Reportwww.akamai.com3/25/2015
Cisco Event Response: March 2015 Semiannual Cisco IOS and IOS XE Software Security Advisory Bundled
Maine state website briefly shutdown by hackerswww.cnbc.com3/23/2015
D-Link Patches Two Remotely Exploitable Bugs in Firmwarethreatpost.com3/16/2015
Google error leaks website owners' personal infowww.computerworld.com3/12/2015
D-Link patches critical router flaws, says more fixes to comenakedsecurity.sophos.com3/4/2015
Advisory: Seagate NAS Remote Code Executionisc.sans.edu3/1/2015
Cisco IPv6 Denial of Service
DDoS-for-Hire Preys Upon SaaS Apps such as Joomlawww.akamai.com2/25/2015
Hackers now popping Cisco VPN
Akamai PLXsert's Q4 2014 State of the Internet – Security Report Releasedwww.akamai.com1/29/2015
Microsoft's Outlook smacked by 'man-in-the-middle' attack in China –
Root Command Execution Flaw Haunts ASUS Routersthreatpost.com1/8/2015
Snooker WPA secrets with this Wi-Fi
PlayStation clambers back online 48 hours after DDoS attack CRIPPLED
6 aging protocols that could cripple the Internetwww.computerworld.com12/26/2014
Two Cisco Products Vulnerable to POODLE Attack on TLSthreatpost.com12/16/2014
Syrian Electronic Army in news site 'hack' POP-UP
Craigslist Down After DNS Attackwww.tripwire.com11/24/2014
Researchers observe new type of SYN flood DDoS attackwww.scmagazine.com10/10/2014
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cisco ASA
How network virtualization is used as a security toolwww.networkworld.com9/15/2014
Netis Routers Leave Wide Open Backdoorblog.trendmicro.com8/25/2014
HALF of London has outdated Wi-Fi security, says roving World of War, er,
DDoS attack is launched from 162,000 WordPress sitesnews.cnet.com3/11/2014
Europol: Everything you do on a public Wi-Fi hotspot 'puts you at risk'www.zdnet.com3/10/2014
Cisco Patches Authentication Flaw in Wireless Routersthreatpost.com3/6/2014
Cyberattacks get bigger, smarter, more damagingwww.cnbc.com3/5/2014
Namecheap targeted in monumental DDoS attacknews.cnet.com2/20/2014
Suspected Mass Exploit Against Linksys E1000 / E1200 Routersisc.sans.edu2/13/2014
Record-breaking DDoS attack in Europe hit 400 Gbpsnews.cnet.com2/11/2014
Hacktivists dish out DNS hijack to PayPal,
Cisco patches backdoor in WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Pointwww.zdnet.com1/24/2014
Don't be a DDoS dummy: Patch your NTP servers, plead infosec
Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report: Trust Exploitation a Permanent Fixture in the Cyber World (Trustworthy Systems Can Be, Too)
Gaping admin access holes found in SoHo routers from Linksys, Netgear and othersnakedsecurity.sophos.com1/3/2014
China's central bank hit by DDoS after Bitcoin
Someone’s Been Siphoning Data Through a Huge Security Hole in the Internetwww.wired.com12/5/2013
European Parliament's network hacked; public Wi-Fi shutdownwww.zdnet.com11/28/2013
Mystery traffic redirection attack pulls net traffic through Belarus,
AFP and RBA websites hit by DDoS attackswww.zdnet.com11/21/2013
Hacking Your Way Through Airports and Hotelswww.tripwire.com11/14/2013
General Dynamics snaps up $25m contract to boost US Air Force network securitywww.zdnet.com11/13/2013
IBM, Akamai team up on cloud security effortwww.zdnet.com10/22/2013
Google Ideas aids online rebels with digital defensesnews.cnet.com10/21/2013
Back door found in D-Link
Google Malaysia Site Hijackedthreatpost.com10/11/2013
Behind the South Korean Government DDoS Attacksthreatpost.com10/3/2013
Inside the Response to the New York Times Attackthreatpost.com8/29/2013
Hackers target, 'deface' Google Palestine sitewww.zdnet.com8/26/2013
Syrian Electronic Army Cracks GoDaddy
Cybercrooks use DDoS attacks to mask theft of banks' millionsnews.cnet.com8/21/2013
BIND Vulnerability Enables DNS Cache Poisoning Attackthreatpost.com8/13/2013
Wi-Fi routers: More security risks than evernews.cnet.com8/3/2013
ISC announces BIND 9 DoS Vulnerability and patch updateisc.sans.edu7/26/2013
Cisco ponies up $2.7B for Sourcefirenews.cnet.com7/23/2013
Network Solutions restores service after DDoS attackwww.computerworld.com7/17/2013
Opera network
Linkedin DNS Hijackisc.sans.edu6/20/2013
Blue Coat gobbles CCTV-for-network-traffic maker
Ragebooter: ‘Legit’ DDoS Service, or Fed Backdoor?krebsonsecurity.com5/16/2013
McAfee To Acquire Stonesoft; Transaction To Strengthen Network Security Portfolio With Next-Generation Firewallwww.mcafee.com5/6/2013
Cameras leak credentials, live
Serious Vulnerabilities Found in Popular Home Wireless Routersthreatpost.com4/8/2013
Bitcoin exchange: Greedy traders to blame for DDoS
In wake of gTLD security criticism, ICANN announces emergency back-up registry operatorswww.computerworld.com4/3/2013
Call centers under attack in targeted cyber-blackmail
How the Spamhaus DDoS attack could have been preventednews.cnet.com3/29/2013
Spamhaus attacks expose huge open DNS server dangerswww.computerworld.com3/28/2013
Wells Fargo site hit by denial-of-service attacknews.cnet.com3/27/2013
Practicing safe DNS with Googlewww.zdnet.com3/20/2013
T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Feature Susceptible to Man-in-the-Middle Snoopingthreatpost.com3/19/2013
Huawei USB modems
Denial-of-service attack takes down JP Morgan Chase sitesnews.cnet.com3/12/2013
Bank DDoS Attacks Resumethreatpost.com3/6/2013
CloudFlare security service goes down after router failurenews.cnet.com3/3/2013
Barracuda moves to shutter backdoor access to its network gearwww.computerworld.com2/6/2013
HP to scale up TippingPoint network security with SDNwww.computerworld.com2/1/2013
Juniper’s Junos Could Open Routers to TCP Attacksthreatpost.com2/1/2013
How to fix the UPnP security holeswww.zdnet.com1/30/2013
Hackers squeeze through DVR hole, break into CCTV
Millions of PCs exposed through network bugs, security researchers findwww.zdnet.com1/29/2013
Multilayer DDoS Attacks Have Reset Stage for Network Attacksthreatpost.com1/29/2013
Whoops: Google indexes more than 86,000 HP 'public' printerswww.zdnet.com1/25/2013
Corporations bring a 'knife to a gun fight' amid cyberattacksnews.cnet.com1/25/2013
Anonymous launches attack on Mexico's Defense Departmentnews.cnet.com1/17/2013
Researchers Claim Linksys Routers Vulnerable to Remote Root Exploitthreatpost.com1/16/2013
YOUR Cisco VoIP phone is easily TAPPED, warns CompSci
DDoS attacks on banks continue into the New Yearwww.scmagazine.com1/4/2013
Regulator Warns Banks About DDoS Attacks, Encourages Information Sharingthreatpost.com12/27/2012
It's the complexity, not the size, that makes DDoS effectivewww.scmagazine.com12/24/2012
Juniper Networks offers to mislead hackers from Indian govt, enterpriseswww.zdnet.com12/19/2012
Cisco VoIP Phone Hacked, Turned into Listening Devicethreatpost.com12/17/2012
DDoS attacks against U.S. banks peaked at 60 Gbpswww.computerworld.com12/13/2012
Tor network used to command Skynet botnetwww.computerworld.com12/7/2012
VPN ban makes for nervy times behind Great
Romanian Google, Yahoo Home Pages Defacedthreatpost.com11/28/2012
Hexing MAC address reveals Wifi
Cisco Patches Vulnerabilities in Data Center and Web Conferencing Productsthreatpost.com10/31/2012
HSBC Sites Knocked Offline in ‘Large Scale’ DoS Attackthreatpost.com10/19/2012
Capital One hit by denial of service attack, suffers online problemswww.zdnet.com10/10/2012
Botnet Spotted Silently Scanning IPv4 Address Space For Vulnerable VoIPwww.darkreading.com10/4/2012
Anonymous hacker claims GoDaddy attack; outage hits millionswww.zdnet.com9/10/2012
Triple DDoS vs. KrebsOnSecuritykrebsonsecurity.com8/8/2012
One week later, Demonoid still down after massive DDOS attackwww.zdnet.com8/1/2012
Demonoid hit by DDoS attackwww.zdnet.com7/27/2012
Hackers Linked to China’s Army Seen From EU to
LulzSec suspects plead guilty to DDoS
FBI, DEA warn IPv6 could shield criminals from policenews.cnet.com6/15/2012
Alleged Lulzsec member, Ryan Cleary, indicted in U.S.www.computerworld.com6/14/2012
IPv6 Arrives, But Not Everywherewww.darkreading.com6/7/2012
WHMCS under renewed DDoS blitz after patching
Anonymous takes out Indian CERT as attacks
First IPv6 Distributed Denial of Service Internet attacks seenwww.zdnet.com2/20/2012
CIA Website Hacked, Struggles To Recoverwww.informationweek.com2/13/2012
Utilities Facing Brute-Force Attack Threatwww.darkreading.com2/6/2012
European Parliament says its website taken offline by attackerswww.networkworld.com1/26/2012
Ireland taking a ‘whole of Government’ response to Anonymous threatwww.siliconrepublic.com1/25/2012
I Spy Your Company’s Boardroomwww.wired.com1/23/2012
Caution urged in City College of SF computer usewww.sfgate.com1/17/2012
New Denial-Of-Service Attack Cripples Web Servers By Reading Slowlywww.darkreading.com1/5/2012
Pastebin on the mend after DDoS
Vulnerability allows brute force hacking of wireleless routerswww.scmagazine.com12/28/2011
Kiss Off: Anonymous Hacker Took On Gene Simmons, Feds Saywww.informationweek.com12/14/2011
FBI Warns of Coordinated Malware and DDoS Attacks Designed to Drain Bank Accountswww.securityweek.com12/1/2011
AT&T Hackers Have Terrorism Ties, Police Saywww.informationweek.com11/28/2011
Jury convicts hacker over AT&T-iPad user data breachwww.zdnet.com11/21/2011
Congress Fears Chinese Telecom Gear May Phone Homewww.wired.com11/17/2011
KPN stops issuing SSL certificates after possible breachwww.computerworld.com11/2/2011
Insulin pump hack delivers fatal dosage over the
Tool Lets Single Laptop Take Down An SSL Serverwww.darkreading.com10/25/2011
Google Encrypts Search to Thwart Wi-Fi Hackerswww.wired.com10/18/2011
FBI raids ISP in Anonymous DDoS investigationwww.computerworld.com12/30/2010
White Papers
McAfee Labs Threats Report: April 2017www.mcafee.com4/10/2017
DDoS, Web Attacks Surge; Repeat Attacks Become The Normwww.akamai.com2/29/2016
Akamai Releases Q3 2015 State Of The Internet - Security Reportwww.akamai.com12/8/2015
Akamai Releases Findings Of Increased Attacks And More Aggressive Tactics From DD4BC Extortionist Groupwww.akamai.com9/9/2015
Akamai’s State of the Internet: Q4 2014 Reportwww.stateoftheinternet.com3/25/2015
DISA IDS/IPS Systems White Paperiase.disa.mil3/24/2010
DISA Network Access Control White Paperiase.disa.mil3/24/2010
DISA Network Management White Paperiase.disa.mil3/24/2010
DISA VLAN Provisioning for Logical Separationiase.disa.mil3/24/2010
Malicious Software Control Policy
Network Access Control Policy
Remote Access (and Teleworking) Policy
Separation of Non-Production and Production Environment Policy
Vulnerability Management Policy
DISA Network / Perimeter / Wireless STIGDISA-STIG7/28/2017
NIST Telecommunications Security Guidelines for Telecommunications Management NetworkNIST10/1/1995
NIST Guidelines on Firewalls and Firewall PolicyNIST9/1/2009
NIST Guide to Securing Legacy IEEE 802.11 Wireless NetworksNIST7/1/2008
NIST Border Gateway Protocol SecurityNIST7/1/2007
NIST Security Considerations for Voice Over IP SystemsNIST1/1/2005
NIST Guide to IPsec VPNsNIST12/1/2005
NIST Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Deployment GuideNIST9/24/2013
NIST Guide to Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)NIST2/1/2007
NIST Establishing Wireless Robust Security Networks: A Guide to IEEE 802.11iNIST2/1/2007
NIST Guide to SSL VPNsNIST7/1/2008
NIST Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6NIST12/1/2010
NIST Guide to Bluetooth SecurityNIST5/8/2017
NIST SP 800-153 Guidelines for Securing Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)NIST2/21/2012