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Authentication is the process to verify the identity of an individual, originator or receiver of information. Authentication will require at least identity (such as user login ID) and one more mechanism to prove your identity (such as passwords and/or tokens).


Authentication requires a key piece of information that only the user knows, such as:

  • Something you have (such as a token that generates one-time, random PINs or passwords)
  • Something you are (such as biometric devices like a fingerprint device)
  • Something you know (such as passwords)
  • Somewhere you are (location)

Two or more of these categories of authentication is also known as "two factor" (or also Strong) authentication. This method is recommended to improve security for remote access users (or teleworkers) as well as access to highly sensitive, critical systems.

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Bank security weaknesses led to cyber looting of $45M from ATMswww.computerworld.com5/10/2013
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Twitter 'rolling out two-factor authentication soon'www.zdnet.com4/24/2013
Hackers favor authentication-based attacks, report showswww.zdnet.com4/24/2013
Google joins FIDO's crusade to replace passwordsnews.cnet.com4/23/2013
Microsoft Account Gets More Secureblogs.technet.com4/17/2013
Microsoft to add dual-factor sign-on security 'soon': reportnews.cnet.com4/9/2013
Skype, Dropbox Patch Critical Facebook Authentication Bugsthreatpost.com4/4/2013
Missouri Court Rules Against $440,000 Cyberheist Victimkrebsonsecurity.com3/26/2013
Apple pulls iForgot password recovery system over security
Apple adds two-factor authentication to Apple IDwww.zdnet.com3/22/2013
Doctors 'used fake fingers' to clock in for colleagues at ERnews.cnet.com3/13/2013
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Following hack, Evernote speeds move to two-factor authenticationwww.computerworld.com3/5/2013
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Authentication Management Policy
User System Session Policy
FIPS 201-2 Standard for Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and ContractorsFIPS9/5/2013
NIST SP 800-63-3 Electronic Authentication GuidelineNIST6/22/2017