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Configuration Management

Configuration Management standards for platforms (e.g. UNIX/Windows systems, network devices, databases) should be documented, implemented and maintained to ensure systems are configured securely and consistently to protect sensitive information.

Organizations should establish and document standards for each platform type by utilizing security industry guidelines (e.g. NIST) or "baselines" to help maximize confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The baseline should include security settings that should be incorporated into each new platform prior to adding the system to the network. For example, a configuration baseline for a Windows or UNIX server can include disabling insecure protocols (such as Telnet, RSH), setting a time sync service, setting security log configurations, enforcing password requirements, and much more.

Typically, new platforms can be configured with a base image with all security requirements already baked in or can be deployed via a configuration management tool immediately after the image is deployed. It's very important to ensure secure baselines and critical patches are installed on systems and devices prior to a device being added to a production network. Especially before the device is available for internet or customer traffic. The likelihood of a system being compromised on a production network is higher if not configured securely.

Once a baseline is established, configuration management systems should use the baseline to measure systems on the network by scanning for deviations from the standard. Vulnerability scanners should also be used to detect vulnerabilities on all devices on the network. Unauthorized changes should be swiftly remediated using a risk-based approach.

Finally, a configuration management process would include, but not limited to:
  • Ensure systems are new systems or devices are built to meet a standard configuration prior to production implementation
  • Ensure systems are scanned periodically to detect vulnerabilities and deviations to the standard
  • Ensure vulnerabilities and standard deviations are remediated in a timely manner
  • Ensure changes are authorized and documented prior to making changes in production.
Also, see "Change Management" and "Integrity Checking" topics for more information of methods to help ensure systems are maintained to established standards.

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Operations and Communications Management
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