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Data Backup and Restoration

Data backup and restoration is the process of ensuring system availability by backing up systems, applications and data onto tape or physical media in the event information may need to be restored after a disaster or unintended errors.

Organizations should have a process to backup and restore data in the event the primary facility is unavailable (due to disaster), system/data is unavailable, deleted or changed due to unauthorized access or error.  A backup and restore process can be performed from a variety of technology solutions to include: tape library/backup, on-line backup storage array, and redundant/backup storage facility to name a few.  The data restore process should also be tested consistently and at least annually.

Tape backups and archives of sensitive information should also be encrypted and access limited to only authorized roles (e.g. tape operator).  Media backups should also be stored in a secure location, preferably off-site facility, such as backup site or a commercial facility. The backup facility should also be reviewed for security at least annually.  Secure transport (such as armored vehicle with guards) to an offsite location would reduce the likelihood of sensitive information stored on media being lost or stolen for malicious intent.

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