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Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is part of the overall Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and includes process to recover technology that support business processes and services. Typically each critical business application will include a detailed DRP that describes the process to fail over and restore applications, databases, and data to support the organization's BCP.

Each business application DRP should be documented to include a detailed step-by-step process on how application and system owners will recover services in the event of an application or facility failure. The process would typically include process to fail over applications, databases, and data from a primary facility to a backup or "DR" facility and then subsequent restoration of service back to the primary facility. Plan can include network/deployment diagrams, servers, applications, databases and tests that need to be performed to ensure availability of the business service.

Process would also include identification of application owners or roles identified to perform DRP activities to support the BCP and should be performed annually.  In some cases, some organizations perform testing quarterly to increase effectiveness of DRP processes.  DRP process can use a number of techniques to ensure availability to include hot site, cold site, etc.

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