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Source Code Protection

Source code protection is the practice of securing system files, program and application source code from unauthorized access or modification.

Source code and system file protection is one of the most important controls since unauthorized access or modification can lead to theft of intellectual capital or lead to back-door access to sensitive data to name a few.

Examples of source code controls include, but not limited to:
  • Vendor software is maintained at a level that is supported by vendor or supplier (e.g. patches or upgrades to ensure free of vulnerabilities)
  • Changes to source code, applications or system files are audited, logged and authorized by management
  • Production systems do not contain development code
  • Application versions are maintained and archived
  • Access limited to roles responsible for development source code control
  • Communication and data transport of source code uses secure channels for data transport (such as secure FTP, SSH, etc.)
Source code repositories should be leveraged to store source code securely and to ensure only authorized access and for version change control. Developer teams can use the repositories to check-in and check-out code, while keeping track of versions during the different phases of application development. Such repositories should also be treated as highly sensitive and should be carefully controlled, similar to other production systems.

Finally, system files should also be monitored and secured since misconfiguration of files can lead to unauthorized access to applications or systems that could lead to a wide range of issues leading to lack of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

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