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Access Control

Access to systems and applications should be controlled to ensure access is commensurate with job and security requirements. Access should be consistent with a user's role in the organization and should define specific access rights authorized on systems, networks and applications. Access controls should also include periodic review of role membership, segregation of duties, monitoring of access and formal access authorization process.

As part of an Identity Management program, organizations should first focus on establishing roles and access privileges commensurate with business requirements and "least privilege" (i.e. the minimum amount of privileges required for the role and nothing more).  Each role should also have a role owner who is accountable for approving new users/members to the role.

Privilege Access to the most sensitive systems and data should be authorized with the least privilege required to minimize the potential risks of errors or misuse of privileges. Management should review role membership periodically (quarterly for privilege access) and ensure members are removed if access is no longer required.

New user access approvals:  Once roles are established, new user requests should be approved by the role owner prior to authorizing (or "provisioning") user access to sensitive systems or data.  Organizations may use groups (e.g. Active Directory group) to define members or user ID's that are authorized to perform certain activities defined by the role.  Groups are often easier to provision or assign access to system or application resources.

Word of warning: Often times, authorization procedures are weak in that users can request "access like" another user (in lieu of a defined role). This often times contributes to role propagation where users can accumulate privileges over time that are not commensurate with a user's role.  This practice should be strongly discouraged.

Segregation of Duties (or SOD) is also a strong control to ensure no single person has full control to introduce fraudulent or malicious code or remove data without detection. Some examples of roles that should be separated include, but not limited to: separate roles for authorization from roles implementing changes and separate developer roles from production support roles.

Termination of Access Rights: Access for users who leave the company should immediately be revoked upon termination. Close arrangement should be made between Human Resources and security access control to ensure HR or management can notify security immediately upon termination to ensure access is removed. Passwords to privileged IDs should also be changed if they were known by former employee.  

Logging: Audit logging should be enabled on systems (and devices) to log user and security activity at the application or transaction level. Audit logs are critical to assist in incident response, future investigations, audit trail and troubleshooting to name a few. See topic "Logging" for more information and guidance if needed.

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Access Control
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