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Physical (and Environmental) Security

The main objective of Physical and Environmental Security is to protect facilities from environmental damage and unauthorized physical access.

Physical security includes a number of physical and environmental controls needed to ensure the safety and security of the organization's most prized assets (i.e. people and information) to include:
  • Fire/smoke detection, prevention and suppression
  • Power stability and safeguards
  • Water damage protection of computing facilities
  • Air quality, temperature and humidity controls
  • Storage of flammable supplies in accordance with local regulatory guidelines
  • Restricted physical access
Strong safety controls, such as fire and smoke detection and suppression, will help protect the organization from many different threats to physical security and safety and shall alert security staff or fire department of potential fire. Water sprinklers should also be implemented in facilities outside of server hosting facilties to meet fire code guidelines.

The information processing facilities (e.g. data center, raised floor, server rooms) should also ensure water protection is in place to prevent potential flooding or water damage that could reduce the availability of critical systems.  Flammable supplies should also be stored in conjunction with local regulatory guidelines.

Physical Access includes mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to facilities (e.g. security gurards, ID badge/card readers, visitor sign in, alarms, etc.).  Please see topic "Physical Access" for additional physical controls.

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Physical (and Environmental) Security
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