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Information Security Monitoring is the process of continuously assessing and maintaining the effectiveness of security controls and the security posture of the organization. Monitoring includes automated real-time monitoring or audit logging of technical controls as well as manual reviews of management or operational controls.

Information Security Monitoring is a necessary and critical component of risk management process to raise security awareness and visibility into information security, threats and vulnerabilities and respond to threats in a timely manner.

To ensure effective monitoring, organizations should first start with establishing Information Security Policies and Standards to include but not limited to: Vulnerability, Configuration Standards and Asset Management. For example, an effective Asset Management program should include process to document assets within the organization that will need to be monitored and assessed. New assets introduced to the organization and network should be documented in asset repository and categorized based on data classification and risk to ensure appropriate monitoring is in place and prioritized.

The organization should also maintain awareness of the threats to the organization to ensure security controls are implemented to mitigate risk to assets (to include critical information). For example, maintaining vendor provided patches or secure system configurations can prove effective in managing potential threats that can expose software vulnerabilities. Understanding malicious software threats can be managed by maintaining anti-virus updates via subscription service.

Once assets and potential threats are identified and security controls are implemented to meet established policies and standards, monitoring should then be used to assess the effectiveness of controls, raise awareness and respond to threats
. Process should include the ability to log security events on assets, such as servers, workstations, networks, security devices, and critical applications to name a few. Security events should be captured in as real-time as possible (see Audit Logging topic for more details).

Security events should then be forwarded (and archived) to a central log repository for correlation and analysis of potential security threats and violations to organization policies. Rules should be established to filter events from the various systems to help prioritize remediation efforts and for timely incident response. Please see Security Information Event Management (SIEM) for details that can help with managing security events.

Security status in the form of security reporting and metrics should also be communicated to business units so that security vulnerabilities can be addressed in a timely manner. Security reporting can be effective if presented via a risk-based approach to help business units in prioritizing activities. The most common type of reporting used by many organizations is Vulnerability Scanning reports of systems that may be missing critical patches or other vulnerabilities. However, it's recommended reporting metrics report on broader effectiveness of controls to include: configuration management, application security, network segregation for more critical applications, and access controls to name a few.

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) tools can be leveraged to help businesses manage risk more effectively. GRC offers a mechanism to help automate and consolidate the various security metrics into a central reporting dashboard that businesses can better understand overall risk posture to reduce risk holistically.

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