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Third-party Security

Vendors, partners, contractors or other third parties must manage and protect information in accordance with the organization's information security policies and standards. 

The following controls should be implemented, at minimum, to ensure third parties adhere to information security policies and standards:
  • A supplier risk or security assessment and audit of third party
  • Appropriate contract signed by the third party that includes information protection requirements
  • A logical and physical site review conducted
  • Closure of security gaps if identified in risk assessment or audit
Third parties that process, store or access sensitive information (e.g. confidential or secret) should be reviewed periodically to ensure third party controls are appropriate for data protection.  Examples of third parties could include business process outsourcing, application development outsourcing, consulting, call centers, and data centers to name a few.  Frequency of reviews should also be determined based on risk of third party as determined by data types, volume and frequency of records sent to the third party.  For example, higher risk, medium risk and lower risk vendors may require annual, biennial, and triennial reviews, respectively.

Some examples of controls that should be checked at the third party include, but not limited to: encryption of sensitive information stored, processed, or transported; strict access controls to systems and data; vulnerability and web application security assessments; patch and configuration management process; and physical access controls, to name a few.

For those third parties that may not provide sufficient data protection controls, organizations may use assessment results to justify moving to other third parties that may offer competitive services with better controls.  Alternatively, organizations should request third parties to close gaps as a requirement for vendor contract renewals.  It's ultimately the organization's brand and image that's on the line in the event of a data breach at the third party, so assessments are critical part of information security program.

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