Standard Name
PCI Card Production Physical Security Requirements v1.0
Industry Standard
Publication Number
PCI-CardProd_Physical v1.0
Standard Date
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Securezoo Overview
The PCI Card Production – Physical Security Requirements manual is a comprehensive source of information for card vendors, which may include manufacturers, personalizers, pre-personalizers, chipembedders, data-preparation vendors, and fulfillment vendors. The contents of this manual specify the physical security requirements and procedures that vendors must follow before, during, and after the following processes:
  • Card manufacturing
  • Magnetic-stripe card encoding and embossing
  • Card personalization
  • Chip initializing or pre-personalization
  • Chip embedding
  • Chip personalization
  • Card storing
  • Shipping
  • Mailing
Information Security Standards
Legal, Regulatory and Compliance
Physical (and Environmental) Security