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NIST Recommendation for Key Management: Part 3 Application-Specific Key Management Guidance
Industry Standard
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SP 800-57 Part 3 Rev. 1
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Securezoo Overview
Special Publication 800-57 provides cryptographic key management guidance. It consists of three parts. Part 1 provides general guidance and best practices for the management of cryptographic keying material. Part 2 provides guidance on policy and security planning requirements for U.S. government agencies. Finally, Part 3 provides guidance when using the cryptographic features of current systems.

In a new update on January 23, 2015, NIST provided a Revision 1 to Part 3 with excerpt: "Recommendation for Key Management, Part 3: Application-Specific Key Management Guidance, is intended primarily to help system administrators and system installers adequately secure applications based on product availability and organizational needs and to support organizational decisions about future procurements. This document also provides information for end users regarding application options left under their control in a normal use of the application."
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