Slingshot APT targets routers

A highly sophisticated cyberespionage campaign dubbed Slingshot has been uncovered by Kaspersky security researchers. The campaign targets MikroTik routers to compromise them and use as a springboard to attack victims' computers, as the company revealed in last week's Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit (SAS).

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RedisWannaMine Unveiled

Security researchers at Imperva have spotted a new generation of cryptojacking attacks dubbed RedisWannaMine that targets Windows database and application servers. The campain also leverages the leaked NSA exploit EternalBlue to exploit vulnerable Windows systems.

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Hackers exploit Apache Solr instances with cryptocurrency miner

Hackers have attacked over 1,400 Apache Solr servers late last month to install a cryptocurrency miner. Researchers say the attack resembles a similar campaign discovered back in January that targeted systems running unpatched Oracle WebLogic software. In that attack, hackers installed a mining rig used to mine Monero cryptocurrency.

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Applebee’s data breach

RMH Franchise Holdings-owned Applebee's restaurants fell victim to a payment card data breach. According to the RMH announcement on Friday, systems at nearly 160 Applebee's restaurant locations may have been compromised with point-of-sale (PoS) malware.

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