Security Updates & Patches

Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

US-CERT issued a security update regarding the latest Intel processor design flaws. According to the vulnerability note, the CPU hardware implementations are vulnerable to side-channel attacks. The two vulnerabilities are referred to as Meltdown and Spectre. An excerpt from the advisory:  “CPU hardware implementations are vulnerable to side-channel attacks referred to as Meltdown and Spectre. These attacks are described in detail by Google Project …

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OpenEMR vulnerability

An OpenEMR vulnerability could expose millions of medical records to attackers. The flaw has been patched with OpenEMR 5.0.0 Patch 6 a couple of weeks ago. Unpatched versions could allow an attacker to steal patient records and personal data by exploiting the vulnerability in the setup.php installation script. OpenEMR is a popular open source electronic health records and medical practice …

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